Get on the fast Track and meet your Investor in Cologne on October 25th!

You are on your way, you got your team together, you have worked hard and you have finished your product or created your service. Now you are ready to conquer the market to become the next unicorn in your field of expertise!

You just have to find the right investor!

But you see that there are many more companies and they all have the same goals and they all want that perfect investor – now what to do?

We suggest you try the European Venture Market where we present 15 Startups and usually have 20-25 investors attending plus first class service providers from EY to advise on legal and tax issues!

We have done our research for over 10 years where we saw hundreds of companies and their needs, and we adjusted our service and our events to make it most efficient for you! So now in just 1 day you have the chance to speak to at least 20 investors and on top get the advice of top rated legal and tax consultants – in Cologne and Stuttgart we are at the offices of EY and you can benefit from their huge international network!

You know how difficult it is to get the attention of investors – at least if you have tried yet! With us at the EVM you have their full attention and we assist you to make sure you get to meet them!

At our EVM you

  • meet 20-25 investors in deal mode
  • have clear topics
  • pitch in a moderated session with an equal time slot for all participants
  • have time to network and persuade in 1 on 1 meetings
  • can bring a colleague to support you and double your chances
  • have our full support also after the EVM and
  • you won’t get thirsty or hungry – we cover that!

You will probably say:

Yes, but there are so many events in my area where I can attend for free and meet all the investors I want!

Well, you tell us how well that worked before! How many valid contacts did you make on free events, where did it lead you and how exclusive were they? Based on our experience and our contact network and the feedback we have from participants and the fact that many participants join us a few times because they realize that they also improve in the way they pitch and are able to approach investors, we think a free event is just a free event and not a serious basis for talks about financing and investments.

Now, we offer the participation for the EVM for 2 people for just 397 Euros plus VAT:

  • You travel one time and meet 20-25 investors – how much would it cost to visit and see them individually if they agree to see you? 10 times? 15 times?
  • You get free advice from EY’s legal and tax partners at the EVM – normally if you decide to get advice probably at an hourly rate of 150-300 Euros?
  • You get the full assistance of our team to connect you with whom you want to meet! We are there for you all day

Now we have put it all on the table, it is up to you to pick it up and grab the chance and let us help you in starting to get you on the way to create your dream!

You will have a guaranteed  productive day at the EVM and to make it even better, we throw in 2 bonuses:

  1. You can participate in our Coaching Day 1 day prior to the event where we will fine tune your pitch – believe us: many entrepreneurs underestimate how short 5 minutes are, yet how much valuable information you can really put in once properly coached!
  2. If you register right now, we give you a huge discount: you pay 299 plus VAT instead of 397 plus VAT

Now let’s summarize:

Very efficient:     1 day coaching (optional), 1 day event - meet 20-25 investors
Very personal:    we make sure you get to talk to the right people
Very affordable: Huge discount at 299 plus VAT

Don’t wait! Apply now – see you soon!