Gold Ventures International - Innovation Centers

Meet Gold Ventures International our New Valued Partner from Israel

Gold Ventures International - Innovation Centers (GVI) by Gold Training Solutions LTD is an international Innovation Center based in Tel Aviv and Herzliya, Israel, presenting a unique concept which caters to the world of technology and innovation in Israel, North & South America, Europe and Asia. GVI provides a comprehensive "One Stop Shop" solution.

Through each of its 5 divisions, as detailed below, GVI provides the world of innovation with professional services provided by a team of more than 20 Israeli and international experts in various fields – Business, Marketing, Technology, Finance, Law, Human Recourses and more, all with extensive experience in their field of expertise. 

GVI serves the world of innovation through the identification, screening and nurturing of early-stage and mature technology companies (both software and hardware) with high global potential, as well as training excellent manpower and developing existing businesses. In addition, GVI assists in establishing innovational ecosystems.

GVI's services are well suited both for early-stage companies and mature companies that wish to grow and develop in the Israeli and the international market, and for investors and commercial companies interested in excellent technology, start-ups and mature technology companies with the highest potential to succeed in the global markets. Moreover, GVI's serves cities interested in developing innovational ecosystem, in order to attract both top-notch companies and manpower.

GVI Innovation Center consists of five divisions, which operate separately yet synergistically:

  1. Incubation Division: Deals mainly with early stage startups (both hardware and software) that undergo GVI's unique incubation process. 
  2. Business Development Division: Caters for both early-stage and mature companies in every aspect of business development – Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Human Resources etc.    
  3. Training and human Resources Division: Deals with training and identifying the appropriate manpower for both technological professions and the other professions necessary for the world of technology and innovation (marketing, advertising etc.). 
  4. Investments and Clients Division: Deals with identifying and matching investors and commercial clients to technology and innovational companies, both early stage and mature ones.
  5. Israeli Market Division: Deals with international companies that wish to start their activity in the Israeli market. GVI provide these companies with full-package services, including business penetration strategy plan, marketing, legal and financial support, location, identifying and recruiting manpower and so on.

GVI's Services through its 5 divisions:

For start-ups and entrepreneurs:

We accompany startups from the very initial stage of formulating the innovative idea, analyzing the business potential, developing the product, building the strategic business plan, building the marketing strategy, building the professional team, connecting to potential clients and raising funds.

For investors:

We assist in identifying business opportunities and innovative start-ups according to criteria predefined both by the investor and GVI. This includes performing a due diligence process of the company (business plan, technology and so on) in order to enable investors and other interested agents to make an optimal decision regarding their investment in a particular start-up.

For strategic partners:

We assist our strategic partners in various channels:

  • Identifying business opportunities globally and in Israel. 
  • Representing strategic partners in Israel and around the world including banks, acceleration programs, funds, cities and commercial companies. 
  • Establishing innovation centers for both commercial and institutional strategic partners in Israel and around the world, including municipalities.   
  • Identifying the right commercial and institutional clients and partners.
  • Identifying and training the right manpower with regard to the clients' needs. 
  • Identifying and matching investors to their potential candidates. 
  • Assisting municipalities in establishing innovational ecosystems in their cities.  

For mature companies:

  • Business development services (both in the Israeli market and international markets).
  • Manpower training and screening.  


Meet Kobi Kalderon, Co-Founder & Head Mentor

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Signal Corps, CEO and founder of Gold Career, Business Development Manager at NGsoft and Aurora, Business mentor at Goren Business Solutions.

Kobi is responsible for the existence of many professional training centers in various sectors such as: Mechanics, Electronics and Hi-Tech and took part in many projects in peripheral areas, resulting in the successful integration of thousands of people into technological work places.

Kobi holds a B.A. in Business Administration and he is a Practical Electronic Engineer.

Kobi has over 12 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Sales, mentoring early stage Start-ups and leading the business activity of GVI.

Meet Nir Ofer, Co-Founder and CEO

I am the CEO and managing partner of Gold Ventures International - Innovation Centers, based in Tel Aviv and Herzliya, Israel.

Gold Ventures International is a global innovation center, active in Israel, USA, Europe, South America and the Far East. Our goal is to nurture superb Israeli technology at all stages of development and introduce it to the global market, via our extensive international network of investors, clients, agents and strategic partners. GVI's portfolio includes ventures in the fields of medical devices and health care, fintech, e-commerce, big data, cyber security, IoT, agriculture and more.

In addition, GVI assists international companies in penetrating the Israeli market, acting as a "one-stop shop" for full services, in addition to hosting delegations from around the world.

My role, in essence, is to manage the local and international operation of GVI. This includes identifying and creating business opportunities in the relevant global industry areas and ensuring that new business development opportunities are explored with both existing and new ventures, partners, and clients.

In addition, I am a business development consultant & mentor at Gold Ventures International. I deal mainly with start-ups in the fields of Fintech, Aviation, Entertainment, Agriculture, Fashion, and Tourism. My consultancy and mentoring combine my education and experience both as an economist and a lawyer.

I also give lectures to investors, entrepreneurs, business development professionals and lawyers on issues regarding investments, examination of projects and business ideas, organizational aspects, effective marketing, public relations and so on.

Contact details:


Mobile: +972 52 8624824