Let's change the World: Chances for Startups to meet Investors

So, summer is sort of fading out with great weather though, and fall is approaching with lots of opportunities to get you moving at least one step closer to your goals! 

We are excited about cooperating with EY and the Business Development Agency in Düsseldorf and we put together a great little event on September 14th where 8 chosen startups will present exclusively in front of a group of investors and family offices. We will feature the companies with their pitches after the event here on the site so you can get your own impression! 

In October we will be in Cologne at EY for the 2nd time with the European Venture Market and we are proud that EY will host the Coaching Day prior to the event, where we help the presenting startups to improve their pitches, and the actual Pitching Day! We have slots for 16 startups and the registration is open now with our Earlybird-Offer until October 1st! So register now under www.europeanventuremarket.com/register

The topics in Cologne are:Digitral Payment, Connectivity & Media, Logistics & Cyber, Mobile, Big Data all based on SaaS, Cloud, eCommerce

And in November we will be at EY in Stuttgart for the first time and are really looking forward to it!
The topics in Stuttgart are a little different: New Mobility, Transport, Logistics, Virtual Reality, Connectivity, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, all based on Information & Communication Technology www.europeanventuremarket.com/register 

So it will be a pretty amazing fall and we encourage you to send us your Executive Summaries and apply for your slot!

Also, we invite Investors to register: You'll get 32 companies presented in 2 days, see short pitches and have plenty of time to get to know the entrepreneurs and decide whether they are a fit for your portfolio! It is easy to register here

And we invite representatives from Industry and especially "Mittelstand" to check out the events since open innovation is an accepted way of searching for technologies or other new developments that might be beneficial for your own product line or your general organisation. Give us a call +4930-440386-0 or drop us a line contact@europeanventuremarket.com to find out what the EVM can do for you!

Our programs will always include a good and to the point panel discussion and keynotes that add value to all participants or are at least food for thoughts!

The world is moving fast these days and technology reaches new levels almost daily, so don't miss seeing startups being right at it to change the world and discuss with these young entrepreneurs where the future will lead us! We are looking forward to meeting you all soon!