Your Guide in Structuring Your Company!

We can help you with our experience of now 24 European Venture Markets, but also based on books and articles we read and find worthwhile to incorporate in your entrepreneurial development-process. Here is a book we value and regard as a very good tool in structuring your ideas and your company!

Business Model Generation – by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur

A handbook for visionaries, game-changers and challengers

The book is divided in five segments:

1. The Business Model Canvas

A tool to describe, analyze and develop business models, based on 9 basic elements:

Client segments, Value Offers, Channels, Customer Relations, Sources of Income, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key-Partnerships and Cost Structure. And these 9 elements cover the 4 most important areas in a corporation: Customers, Sales Preposition, Infrastructure and Financial Survival.

1.Examples based on successful Business Models

The authors describe and compare 5 business models-examples and integrate them into the business model canvas to enable you to immediately work with all of them: Unbundling, Long Tail, Multi-sided Platforms, Free and Open Business Models

2.Technics to design your business model

6 Design-Technics are analyzed in this segment: Customer Insights, Idea-Creation, Visual Thinking, Prototypes, Storytelling and Scenarios. All based on a story and then underlined with recommendations how to implement them.


In this segment you find 4 strategic areas: the business model environment, the assessment of business models, Blue-Ocean Strategies and the handling of multiple business models


Here you find ways to develop and implement business models based on all examples and technics described in the previous chapters

Our recommendation:

Go get the book whether you are just starting out or already on your way!